Why a Killer Employer Brand Matters

Talcura helps companies create employment branding that makes a difference.

A brand is much more than a logo, colours and fonts. These items represent the visual aspect of your business but a business brand is better described as the “feeling” about the business that is elicited by the brand image. These days we’re all about the “feels” and that’s why a killer employer brand matters, your brand will attract top talent or it will turn top talent away. Your business brand is often the first impression a person will have of the company and we all know that first impressions are very important!  How do you go about creating a killer brand? It isn’t all that difficult but you’ll have to put your thinking cap on and address the following points.

Employment Branding

Clearly Identify Your Brand – Imaging and Voice
Your brand should be easy for people to identify and it should convey the company values.  It also needs to be present in all company publications and mediums, from business cards to newsletters, websites and social media. You’ll want to ensure that it shows people who you are and what you do as well as how you can help solve their problem. For instance, a bakery will want to entice people to their goods by creating a brand that is warm, fresh and inviting. These elements will need to be captured in the imaging that the bakery uses. These elements are then used throughout the Bakery’s communications, consistently so that people will begin to associate “warm, fresh and inviting” with that bakery, the customers will expect it and the bakery must ensure they are living up to the expectations.

Branding and attracting new hires isn’t much different then the bakery scenario. Determine the core values of the business and show your audience through effective and consistent imaging that this is the place they want to work at. Feature images of employees at work and at play. If your company encourages and supports employee volunteerism highlight their causes. If you have an annual company wide party post the pictures on your website and in social media. Actively show people that you care about your employees. If flexible time is a value let the audience know. Incorporating your company culture into your brand will bring the best of the best to your door (or website) and they will know that they want to work with you.

Imaging is one thing, your voice is equally important so be sure that you are projecting a positive and caring voice across all communications and media. It reinforces the imaging and helps the audience to feel that they “know” your company.


As with most things in business the key to success is consistency. Just as your business consistently delivers products and services so to must there be brand consistency across all communications and media platforms. Consistency eliminates confusion and drives your brand home and into the heart of your audience.

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