Onboarding Excellence & Engagement

onboarding process

As the saying goes, you have only one chance to make a good first impression the same holds true when you are onboarding a new hire. Their experience within the onboarding process sets the stage for that employee’s first impression of your organization and often determines whether they will become…

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5 Simple Ways to Improve Company Culture

how to improve company culture

Company culture is the character or personality of the company. It pertains to what the company is as a whole. It’s what defines a company’s work environment and it involves every aspect there is about the company. Company culture is a magnet for talented and brilliant employees who love working…

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Pro Tips for High-Volume Recruiting

High-Volume Recruiting

Recruiters who are tasked with filling a higher number of positions quickly are under a lot of pressure and it is compounded by the fact we’re dealing with a tight labor market in Canada and US.  A high-volume recruitment process is not only about finding the right candidates, but it’s…

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Reaching Talent Faster Using Social Media

Reaching talent faster using Social Media

New application options take it further HR must continually adapt and change to support business growth in every industry. Some experts even argue that recruitment practices are just one step behind communication developments. In other words, if a communication channel becomes widespread enough, it won’t be long before it finds…

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