Making the Return-to-Work Process a Positive One after a Pandemic

return to work after pandemic

After a pandemic, when it is safe for your employees to do so, getting back to the office is a sign of hope. It means that things are starting to get back to normal, or a new normal, depending on the circumstances. To help your employees feel welcomed back at their desks or another type of workplace, follow these tips.

Imagine how Your Staff is Feeling

Following a pandemic like COVID-19, many people feel a mix of emotions as they transition back to the workplace. After working from home temporarily or being out of work, your team likely feels both anxious and excited about returning to work.

While they look forward to a resemblance of their lifestyle before the pandemic, they are nervous too about the new schedule and personal safety. It is, therefore, important to make the return a warm one.

Onboarding All Over Again

While your employees may have continued to work from home during the pandemic, they likely got into a new routine as they got used to working alone. Transitioning back to the workplace will involve them getting used to rising early, coming to the office, wearing work-appropriate attire, and more.

To keep the team happy and safe as they return to work, remind them about company policies. Now is the time to update them about new regulations, such as rules surrounding handwashing and sanitization of workspaces. Send out these updates easily using automated software from Talcura.

return to work after a pandemic

Provide Wellness Workshops

The more information your employees get right now, the less anxious they will be about coming back. Prepare your team before, during, and after returning to work with online videos, virtual classes, and more, in the format that works best in your company culture.

What will these workshops be about, exactly? Well-being. The mental and physical health of workers has likely dipped during such an uncertain time, so getting them back confidently into a routine is essential. Try sending email updates as well that suggest wellness articles or videos that your team can easily click through to access them when needed.

Recognize Some People Might Need Longer

Some employees have faced greater challenges than others, and they may need more time transitioning back to the office. Be patient with those who ask to extend their work-from-home status a few more weeks.

Also, stay up to date on governmental and local regulations relating to re-opening businesses in the post-pandemic world. Doing so will be necessary for the health and safety of your team and its customers.

Creating an In-Person Event

While you’ve no doubt had several virtual events during recent months, employees are likely looking forward to one in real life. Be sure to follow regulations regarding how many people can be together in a shared area and continue to enforce physical distancing rules.

The back-to-work celebration that is the focus of this event provides a terrific way to welcome back your employees. Decorate the room or outdoor area with balloons to mark the occasion and give a speech that communicates how much you value the team. Focusing on the positive will help make the transition easier for everyone.

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