Pro Tips for High-Volume Recruiting

High-Volume Recruiting

Recruiters who are tasked with filling a higher number of positions quickly are under a lot of pressure and it is compounded by the fact we’re dealing with a tight labor market in Canada and US.  A high-volume recruitment process is not only about finding the right candidates, but it’s also interviewing them, prepping them, and ensuring they move through the process effectively.

Here are some tips for high-volume recruiting to make sure you hit your goals, be effective, and maintain your sanity.


In high-volume recruiting, you have to know where to find the potential candidates. Go beyond the regular large job boards and mine from the state’s unemployment database, industry-specific websites, universities and colleges, workforce development centers, etc.

Research and collect business intelligence about the specific industry and the local area too. Make sure you know exactly what you are looking for.

pro tips for high-volume recruiting

Make use of referrals

Referrals are a vital lifeline for high volume recruiting. To build a pool of efficient candidates, the use of referrals is highly encouraged. When you are under pressure to fill large numbers of positions in a limited amount of time, it’s easy to forget relationship building, but resume databases and job boards are not as effective as they were so the best option here is the use of referrals.

Ask the referrals for referrals and make it part of your presentation to let potential candidates know there are many open positions, so they don’t feel like they are jeopardizing their chance at the job if they give referrals.

Know the number and allocate appropriately

High volume recruitment is not an open invitation to extend your team. Know the numbers involved and stay conscious of the volume and impact on the quality of hire, effectiveness, and productivity. Know your team and its tipping point. This will help you know when it’s time to add to your team to help alleviate the burden. Don’t overextend your team.

Be ready to add special recruiters and key team members

As mentioned above, there is a tipping point for every team. Make sure that your recruitment team is up for success ad have enough people to do the job. If you have a small number of specialists doing full-cycle recruitment for an organization with more than 100 recruits per day, chances are you have a burnt-out team member with high turnover. Check in with the team and make sure they can manage what they have on their plate adequately. If they need help, let the, explain why and be ready to add key members.

High volume recruitment is a lot of pressure. It’s only fair if you have all the tools required for the team to be effective and keep checking up on them. Swap assignments if you have to but make sure the team keeps it going and maintains effectiveness and high-quality hires.

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