Positive Workplace Culture and Technology

Technology and Company Culture

We blog a fair bit about the technology that is changing the way human resource teams recruit and onboard potential and new hires but we haven’t focused as much on the retention of employees both new and old and how technology is positively impacting employee loyalty. That’s what we’re exploring today;  how technology can be used to build the company culture that is needed to keep employees and increase their satisfaction.

Technology will never replace the human element in the workplace, at least in the HR realm but it certainly improves processes and creates efficiencies that allow HR employees to focus on other things such as creating and showcasing company culture. Workplace culture is becoming increasingly important and we are seeing candidates actively seek out positions within companies whose culture they are attracted to. During the interview process candidates are asking about the culture and what they can expect should they decide to accept the offer.

company culture and technology

The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary defines Culture as it relates to corporations as:

“…the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution or organization” (https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/culture). This gives us a starting point but it doesn’t really describe all that workplace culture is and does.

Positive culture in the workplace attracts top talent, increases employee retention and drives employee as well as brand engagement and brand reinforcement; it also takes into account employee happiness and satisfaction. Happy, engaged and satisfied employees means increased productivity and decreases lost time due to sick days and distractions.

Technology can assist businesses to showcase the positive culture within their organization but it doesn’t create the culture. The establishment of the culture within an organization must be intentional and is most effective when it’s a top-down effect. This means that the executives drive the culture and there is a trickle down effect.

Showcasing company culture via technology is accomplished in a number of ways. The culture should be reflected on your branded website and most definitely on your career pages. Culture is found in communications, especially those by the higher-ups both internally and externally. From newsletters to automated emails within the ATS, these should all reflect the culture of the company.

Culture is the single most important element in attracting top talent and keeping them! Discover what Talcura Technology Talent Acquisition – The Complete Suite can do help you create and enhance your company culture today.

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