Reaching Talent Faster Using Social Media

Reaching talent faster using Social Media

New application options take it further HR must continually adapt and change to support business growth in every industry. Some experts even argue that recruitment practices are just one step behind communication developments. In other words, if a communication channel becomes widespread enough, it won’t be long before it finds…

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Are Hiring Automation Programs Customizable?

customized hiring automation software

Forward-thinking approach to hiring automation – deep customization without deep spending! Talcura does customization differently. Customization doesn’t haven’t to mean additional cost. They help organizations streamline their existing hiring process and incorporate new advanced techniques such as AI for sourcing and screening applicants into the solution-set. The end-results speaks for…

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Interview Questions to Avoid

asking interview questions

Running an interview can be a difficult process. Knowing what interview questions to ask is important to make sure that things run smoothly. On top of this, understanding what questions to avoid can be just as important. Personal background Obviously, it’s important to get a general idea of a potential…

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The Benefits Of Diversity In The Workplace

Recently there have been many significant steps in the promotion of workplace diversity. Whether it’s affirmative action or more inclusive policy and practice. Our offices are becoming hubs of individuals with different backgrounds, perspectives, and voices. Workplace diversity is one way for corporations and small businesses to pave the way…

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