Job Description: Best Practices And Things To Be Aware Of

Reviewing Job Description

Before you start working on filling a job opening, read our guide on the best practices for job descriptions and some extra recruiting tips to keep in mind.

The job market is tough. Not only for the unemployed but also for recruiters looking to fill vacant positions. It’s a competitive industry, and without the know-how, you may be missing out on great candidates. Discover the fast-route to success with our insider tips on attracting the right employee and catching them hook, line and sinker.

Do They Really Need That Degree?

This is one of the most important things to keep in mind. What are the essential requirements for the job? 2 years of experience Job Description: Degree or No Degree?as a barista? Or a Masters degree in economics? The experience or education that is required must be clearly highlighted. This is something that the applicant must have and they absolutely won’t be considered for the position without it.

Alternatively, there may also be preferable criteria listed. This could be anything from a thorough understanding of Excel to having a Drivers’ license. These are qualities that the company would prefer the applicant to have, but it’s not essential. The right person may still be hired without having them.

The main reason that this is important is that potential applicants may be scared away by a long list of required expertise. Have a good think; do they absolutely need a specific degree or experience to succeed in the role? Or can they be taught on the job? Companies that are too strict with requirements could turn off potential employees that have good qualities and could grow into the role.

Where To Post Job Descriptions?

There are a huge amount of media platforms to post job advertisements on. Before putting the job description out there consider the demographic you’re trying to connect with. If you’re looking for students to work as part-time waiters, websites such as Seek and indeed attract a lot of subscribers. If you’re looking for a graphic designer, there may be job-searching websites more devoted to that specific field.

Be smart and purposeful with the website you post the job description on. Alternatively, you can also post on the companies website or social media pages. By doing this you will reach an audience that is interested in the company and invested in the work they do.

Make It Sound Exciting!

It’s important to make the job sound like a great opportunity. Make sure the applicants know that they will be challenged, join a Reviewing Job Descriptiongreat work culture, and get the skills for possible advancement in the future. Remember, you are not the only person with something to offer. There are many great professionals out there who have a lot to bring to the table and they need to know why they should join your team.

Consider hiring a copywriter to compose your job advertisement, to hit the right note. Make sure that there is a call to action at the end of the description. The best call to action is to get the applicant to send their CV and cover letter to you via email. You want the person to be on a high after reading the advertisement and get them to lunch right into the next stage of the application.

Don’t Make False Promises

The key to a job description is to be upfront and transparent. It can be easy to add a lot of fluff to the job description to entice applications. However, this can lead to major problems after the successful candidate starting working. The job description must give a realistic image of the hours and pay rate of the job and the expectations of the successful applicant.

By making your job description clear and truthful you will attract the right kind of applicant. This will increase job satisfaction in the work culture and give your company a positive reputation.

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