Hiring Challenges: 2018 and Beyond

The recruitment landscape is an ever-changing terrain and successful recruiters and hiring managers must constantly look for new ways to engage potential employees as well as utilizing strategies to retain current top performers. Many trends will continue in an upswing trajectory and new priorities will evolve over the course of the year. What can you expect to see in 2018?

Harassment Policy

2017 saw an enormous surge in harassment complaints and 2018 will see further increases in harassment complaints.  Primarily driven by prominent female actors and the current political clime in the United States the #MeToo movement is only gaining momentum and will likely continue to do so as women, and men, demand harassment-free workplaces. HR personnel must look closely at the harassment policy in place and make any up-dates they deem necessary to ensure harassment- free workplace for their employees. It is recommended that a zero-tolerance harassment policy be adopted and be effectively communicated to each employee. Harassment complaints need to be taken very seriously as a failure to do so may well land you and your company in very hot water.


Diversity and inclusion are not new trends or buzz words but they are no less important in 2018 than they have been in previous years.  Diversity begins with a firm commitment from upper management and C-Suites to be inclusive and follows with a formal strategy for diversity and inclusion. Hiring managers are frontline when it comes to recruiting and diversity so they must be included in the diversity strategy as they are ultimately the ones who must follow it. Ensuring that job descriptions are focused on skills and experience required and that they use bias free language will help to engage a larger candidate pool from which to draw on.

Mental Health

Combatting chronic employee absenteeism and helping employees to attain their ideal work-life balance remain at the top of many HR department goals for 2018. Benefit packages and employee assistance programs support the wellbeing of your employees but they also serve to reduce absenteeism and increases on-the-job-productivity. Small to mid-sized businesses may not have the resources to provide costly benefits and assistance programs for their staff. There are things that smaller companies can do to promote health and wellness that are relatively inexpensive. Guided lunch hikes and offering wellness seminars are two things that you can do for your employees that they will appreciate. An open door and open ear policy for HR staff can go a long way when an employee is feeling overwhelmed or is experiencing physical or mental health crises, sometimes an understanding ear and modified work detail along with regular check-ins and offers of support will help the employee.

Revisiting the Recruitment Strategy

It’s always a good idea to review your recruitment strategy and revise where necessary at the start of every new year. Establish clear objectives and ensure that every member of the hiring team is on the same page. Social recruiting is relatively new and many companies have not jumped on board. If your company’s recruitment strategy does not include social media you are missing out on a lot of good publicity as well as a huge pool of candidates. Let 2018 be your year to shine on social.

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