Closed for the Season – Not so Fast!

holiday hiring and recruiting

Are you in the middle of your job search and like so many others do you believe that top employers do not hire during the holiday season? This myth has been circulating for many, many years and it simply just isn’t the case at all! Hiring is a year-round activity that doesn’t stop for the holidays. 

In fact, there are benefits to continuing your search through the holidays. Read on to discover why.

Fiscal Year-End

Many companies are heading into their fiscal year-end at this time and they need to use their budgets to ensure that it continues as it was or justifies the need for an increase. Hiring managers upon discovering that they have some room in their budget will put the push on to find the suitable candidate to fill a position. This is reason enough to keep looking because the pressure is on the hiring manager to find a suitable employee and that employee just might be you.

Informal Networking

We all tend to get a little more festive as the holidays approach and there may be opportunities to do some informal networking over a lunch or a coffee. People are a little happier and looking forward to a bit of a break. This can bode well for hopeful candidates who may find that they are in the right place at the right time.

patience holiday recruiting


It pays to be patient as the saying goes and it’s no exception in a job search as well.  It is particularly important around the holidays because while business does not stop, it does slow some. Be patient in your search and if you’re waiting on a call back it doesn’t hurt to send a message through to your contact wishing them a happy and healthy holiday break. Let them know in a non-assuming way that you are looking forward to hearing from them in the early new year or at their earliest convenience.

If nothing fruitful comes of the holiday job search at the very least, you’ll still have your momentum and will be ready to leap into action when the holidays come to a close.

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