How to Measure Recruiting Performance

company recruiter

Recruitment is one of the vital tasks of any company. Every company has an individual assigned the task of singling out and appointing the qualified and deserving candidate a job opening. This role is important as the individual is responsible for selecting the most appropriate staff for the smooth operation…

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Using Videos to Enhance Recruitment Efforts

video in the recruitment process

New technologies are disrupting the recruitment industry faster than ever before.  While it is important for businesses to keep up and embrace new technologies, they must also pick and choose those technologies that have been proven and validated in the marketplace. Video is one such technology that has become increasingly…

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Five Ways to Attract Gen Z Talent

Ways to Attract Gen Z Talent

If you are a forward-looking recruiter then you likely already know that you should be planning for the next generation that are about to take the world by storm. Generation Z. Coming in on the heels of the Millennials it is very important to not make the mistake in thinking…

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